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Company Logo Brand Design

[ The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products ]

Many small businesses think brands are for large, fortune 500 companies and it isn't important.

However, every interaction you, as a business, have with a potential customer leaves an impression and since customers may interact with your company many times without ever stepping foot in your store or contacting a salesperson, creating a professional image (or brand) for your business and consistently reinforcing this image across all marketing channels helps to ensure these impressions have a positive impact.

The primary elements of a brand are your company's name and logo. The visual anchor for your company's brand is your company logo. All marketing materials, your website design, letterhead, email newsletters, social media networks, etc. display your logo as a symbol of your company and what it stands for. It does not need to be a creative work of art, however, your logo should:

  • Clearly Identify Your Company
  • Include a Brand Promise & Tagline (Condensed Version of Your Marketing Statement)
  • Be Visually Appealing to Your Target Market
  • Differentiate Your Company

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